Desktop Tower Defense

Desktop Tower Defense offers a unique blend of puzzle and strategy gameplay where your goal is to defend your desktop against an array of invaders. The game background cleverly simulates an actual desktop, complete with a wood surface, the edge of a keyboard, and some scattered loose change, setting the stage for this immersive experience.

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You start with a blank field on your desktop and must strategically place towers with different weapon capabilities to stop the creeps in their tracks. From Pellet Towers firing small pellets to Dart Towers launching darts, Frost Towers freezing enemies, and Ink Towers trapping them in place, the variety in defense mechanisms encourages creative strategy formulation.

The adversaries, known as creeps, come in multiple varieties, each with unique characteristics. Some are tougher and more resistant to damage, others move faster, and there are even airborne creeps, requiring the deployment of anti-aircraft towers to intercept them.

Your score is determined by how many creeps manage to escape to the exit and how much time remains on the clock when advancing to the next level. Destroying creeps not only prevents them from breaching your defenses but also earns you gold, which is essential for purchasing and upgrading towers. Upgrading is crucial as it enhances tower effectiveness, enabling you to combat the increasingly challenging waves of creeps and secure your desktop against invasion.

Created by Paul Preece in March 2007, Desktop Tower Defense quickly rose to fame, having been played over 15.7 million times by July 2007. It stood out as one of the top ten entertainment web applications in 2007 and is available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, and Italian.