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Desktop Tower Defense offers an engaging strategic experience that had greatly evolved since its launch and subsequent fall into obscurity. It featured a variety of scoreboard functions that enriched both the player experience and competitive play. This article explores the different scoreboard types and key milestones in Desktop Tower Defense's history that have influenced its scoring systems.

Scoreboard Types

Top 100 Scores

A classic leaderboard displaying the top 100 scores, fostering a competitive environment by encouraging players to outperform others.

All-Time Scores

This board recorded the highest scores in the game's history, serving as a hall of fame for top players and immortalizing their achievements.

Challenge Scores

Since 15 February 2008, Challenge Scoreboards had added an extra layer of competition with a focus on specific game modes or challenges. The reset on this date aimed to revitalize the competitive scene and offer new players opportunities to excel.

Group Scores

Introduced on 8 March 2007, Group Scores allowed friends or teams to engage in collaborative competition, enhancing community interaction and teamwork.

Notable Dates and Events

  1. The launch of the Pro Version on introduced new modes like Sandbox, Sprints, and Multiplayer, highlighting the growing importance of scoreboards the game's ecosystem.
  2. The Challenge Scoreboards were reset on , marking a key moment that rejuvenated the game's competitive spirit.
  3. A security breach on led to a reset of group names on the scoreboard, underscoring the need for a secure competitive environment.
  4. Version 1.5 was released on , introducing new gameplay features and a revamped scoring system.

Desktop Tower Defense had fostered a vibrant and competitive community through its diverse scoreboards and significant events. The game's continuous updates and developer engagement with community feedback had kept it a beloved title in the casual gaming scene for many years.